Right of access to information

According to Article 1, Paragraph 4 of this Act, the provisions of this Act shall not apply to information subject to confidentiality obligations, pursuant to the act governing the security and intelligence system of the Republic of Croatia.
According to Article 15, Paragraph 2, point 1 of this Act, public authority bodies may restrict access to information if the information has been classified by a degree of secrecy, pursuant to the act governing classified information.
Information not available to the public is related to: internal organization of the OTC, information about internal processes of the OTC, regulations classified with a certain degree of secrecy, regulations without an established degree of secrecy that are used for official purposes (labeled as UNCLASSIFIED),
work reports and work plans of the OTC, numerical data/indicators of the performance of the OTC, human resources, material and financial operations, numerical indicators/collective data on employees, information about employees and material and financial operations, information on file statuses
(administrative or non-administrative) if they contain classified information, other acts that contain classified data and information without an established level of secrecy that are used for official purposes labeled as UNCLASSIFIED.

The right to access information is exercised by submitting a request to the OTC at the address Zagreb, Ulica kralj Zvonimira 4 or by fax 4607 798

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